Day 2Track 2  Star-up Pitch

What is eye tracking technology and why gaze data is important for 5G era

As A.I based facial or voice recognition software market size is expanded, people want to know what would be the next. VisualCamp thinks the next would be eye-tracking technology.

Human rely on the visual about 83% to collect outside information. Mr. Suk will lead you into fascinating eye-tracking world. He will introduce eye-tracking technology, and suggest business opportunities of different industrial areas by using gaze data as one of key resources in 5G era.



YC Seok  CEO/CTO, VisualCamp

Mr. Suk has lead business more than 20 years with key words #Technology and #Entrepreneurship. He established Seoul National University Student Venture Club in 1997 with college friends. His first company founded at that time went to IPO.  He is pioneering a new market with his third company, VisualCamp since 2014.