Day 1Track 3  Star-up Pitch

AI advanced Custom Coordination

In line with the paradigm shift of the global fashion market and the intelligentization of fashion-related technologies, we aim to support the fashion shopping of users who are online services by developing user-oriented intelligent fashion search and customized coordination products for recommending personalized clothing products.

Considering the adequacy of the site, the robot is placed at the entrance of the shopping mall to receive the clothing style desired by the consumer with the screen and chatbot community. Try to envision how you offer.

-How do you get up early in the morning and get dressed and co-ordinated up and down quickly?

-Is there a way to find a fashion style that suits the taste of the customer (consumer) and order the consumer in a transformed way?

-What is the most comfortable way of shopping?

-How to create a new market with more advanced direction in AI customized coordination, purchasing and shopping.



IG Paek  CEO, Daewang System

We deal with robotics, electronic control, and planning at the Americas Group, Woori Industrial Co., Ltd., and Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturer Daihoku, and are promoting AI-customized coordination business from the perspective of consumer purchasing customers based on the experiences of various companies.