Day 1Track C

Unsung Heroes of Deep Learning Development: High Quality Data Annotators

In modern society, AI industry is one of the most spotlighted industries. However, for the better AI training, the AI training data must be well-prepared. Also in AI training, ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ is valid phrase as ever. In fact, 80% of time is used for preparing the AI training data.  Let’s start the story about the hidden heroes who keep creating the AI training data behind the spotlighted AI industry. Moreover, let’s see how Crowdworks is developing the platform for better harmony between human and AI developing.


-Tenacity about 99.9% of data accuracy

-HR system to improve the data quality

-AI data collecting/processing cases



DY KIM COO, CrowdWorks

Director Daeyoung Kim is working as COO(Chief operating officer) at  Crowdworks Inc which is AI data crowd sourcing platform. More than last 20 years, he worked as IT business expert while controlling the advertisement and data platform industry at Yahoo Korea, Jaeil Worldwide Inc, GS home shopping, etc.

Director Daeyoung Kim graduated the department of mechanical engineering at Seoul National University  and  completed the graduate school of business administration at the same university.