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How Venture Capitalists see AI Business: 5 Insights to Reduce the Risk of Failure

He would like to approach AI from the point of view of venture capitalists.

In addition to the managers who run the companies, the researchers who study the technology, and the investors, they also play an important role in the AI ​​business.

Currently, he is a representative fund manager who manages three venture funds, and is a VC from computer engineering majors and related industry developers such as Kakao and Nexon. Based on a deep understanding of AI technology, various perspectives on business possibilities and investment attractiveness he will talk to you.

He will summarize the investment and acquisition cases of global AI companies, compare them with the current situation in Korea, and derive insights on future directions. In addition to the well-known global market research data, the company aims to utilize domestic venture capital investment and policy-related data to gain as much insight as possible in a short time, thus helping to make small decisions in the future.



Kurt Koo Synergy IB Investment, Managing Director

He is the first generation of ventures that founded internet dotcom company in Manhattan in 1999. He is a venture capitalist from a software engineer who majored in computer science. He is a managing partner who currently runs three funds.

He has developed Internet banking, financial services, and online games in WebCash, Kakao, and Nexon. In particular, he has developed four games for 10 years including Mabino and Counter Strike Online at Nexon. He is also active in reinforcement learning. He is the Head Dean of the School of AI, a global nonprofit AI community, a research fellow, and a technical advisor to San Francisco Marktechpost. He is also active in machine learning contests, including the top 10 global rankings in the 2018 RetroSonic Contest hosted by OpenAI and the Round 2 at the Prosthetics Challenge hosted by NeurIPS in 2018. The main research is one shot learning using Proximal Policy Optimization, and recently, the research on the appropriate public offering for the technology listed companies using machine learning is being conducted.

As a current venture capitalist, he is the first institutional investor to invest in a well-known interior O2O startup Zipdoc.