AI is continuously creating new values by converging with businesses. Fueled by big data, software technology, and high quality experts, AI is developing at a rapid pace.  

Today, AI is responsible for many of the rapid changes and advancement in technology. Focused on digital transformation, DMK has decided to hold this event after taking in the inputs of numerous industry leaders and experts to provide the public gain insight into these rapid changes. 

2000 individuals from over 300 organizations and companies have participated in AI SUMMIT 2019 and to this date we are receiving inquiries from those who want to participate as speakers for our next event. We are grateful for all the attention that we are receiving. 

AI SUMMIT SEOUL will strive to continue to provide our customers with trustworthy high quality information and contents in our conference.

AIS 2020 will focus on the four main topics below:

1. Latest AI technology advancements
2.  AI & Business conversion trends
3. Use Cases by industry
4.About  AI Technology

We have selected the above topics and will try our best to deliver the highest quality information.

Once again, thank you to all of those who have enabled DMK prepare this event.

In case of any inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

AI Summit  office

(Tel 02-6959-5033, johnpark@dmkglobal.co.kr)



AI SUMMIT SEOUL is a conference organized by DMK with a mission of providing organizations, as well as professionals and the public with high quality content and insight into the rapidly evolving digital transformation era.

DMK is the publisher of MIT Technology Review Korea Edition.

Also DMK is the organizer and host of other global scale conferences including the Digital Marketing Summit and Content Marketing Summit.